About Us – Company Overview

Possessing over a decade of experience, Genesis Construction has seen phenomenal growth due to its commitment to high quality construction while maintaining time and budget constraints.

Genesis Construction has introduced innovative and modern elements in the industry in order to differentiate it amongst its competitors

Genesis Construction believes that innovation and adaptability is part of its corporate versatility. Its projects are exemplary and cater to the best of engineering in relevance with the highest standards set by the TR.

The portfolio of projects accomplished across the TR demonstrates the dedication of Genesis to actualize any dream into reality.

Genesis is built on a strong foundation of satisfying customers and is quite conscious of its clientele requirements.

Respect Others

Building lasting relationships has been important to us from our very beginning. Through being attentive, honest and embracing diversity, Genesis Construction delivers tangible results to clients and creates environments that foster trust.


We Will Envision To Establish An Unrivalled Reputatio

Genesis Construction envisions establishing an unrivalled reputation of “under-commit, over-deliver”, in terms of time frame, costing and overall client’s expectations.We will constantly strive for excellence in the pursuit of perfection in whatever we do.


We Will Strike To Achieve, Surpass And Become The Construction Industry’s Benchmark

Genesis Construction will endeavour to become the benchmark through consistent delivery of globally standardized quality of construction.

We are committed to Study, Understand, Research, Achieve, and Surpass international benchmarks in all the activities we performassociates so that they can constantly enhance quality of their own work and in turn, achieve corporate objectives.

We Will Leverage People & Technology To Deliver High Quality Result

Genesis Constructions will accomplish this by building a performance driven culture that continues to provide value-added construction services to our customers; by improving job- site productivity, maintaining a safe work-place, utilizing the latest technologies and by creating an environment that fosters the growth and development of our people.

We will provide the desired support to our associates so that they can constantly enhance quality of their own work and in turn, achieve corporate objectives



Ümit Dalman
General Manager
Alaaddin BAYKUŞ
Sales Manager
Onur Gürdamar
IT Manager
Hasan Yılmaz
Finance Director